While I was camping at Sequoia National Park this past summer, 2009, I interconnected with the powerful redwoodtrees in gratitude and openness. I was especially attracted to a majestic tree that lovingly sent me an invitation to come and sit at its base. I asked the tree to share its wisdom with me, and immediately it responded. The poignant and joyful message I received is meant for all of humanity. I have integrated the message into this poem, which I am delighted to pass on to you.

Hymn Of Gratitude

Hymn of Gratitude


Come sing the hymn of thankfulness and love

Flowing through the diamond in your heart.

To learn and grow in beauty is the art

You garner from soft crooning of the dove.

Vivacious tones enfold you like a glove

As ancient roots that ground you now inpart

Foundations of your soul, and like a dart

Your siprit soars to glowing heights above.


Let us join with one another as we voice

Our chants of radiant glee and gratitude

Uniting with our purpose and desire.

May rhythms of the cosmos be our choice

Of movement through the spheres, an interlude

To Oneness with the universal choir.

Lynette Hopkins

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