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Rose Hips

The fruit of the rose, rosehip, of the family Rosaceae, is the red, green or orange seedpod in the center of the rose flower. Hundreds of species of roses are found throughout the world, where rosehips have been used as a nutritional aide and healing herb for centuries. Well known as a natural source of vitamin C, rosehips also contain vitamins E and K, and the B vitamins riboflavin and folate. Traditionally, rose hips have been used as a preventive for and treatment of colds and flu, body infections, mouth sores, and earaches.

The herb is also known to be a blood purifier. Scientific studies have confirmed that rose hip oil is very effective in bringing about regeneration of damaged skin tissues, particularly skin that has been harmed by excessive exposure to sunlight. There are no known dangerous side effect of rosehips, although some people do experience mild diarrhea when excessive amounts of the herb are ingested.


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