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Licorice is indiginous to south central Europe and Asia. The ancient Scythian nomad tribes used licorice widely because of its ability to assist the body in retaining water. Glycrrhizic acid, which is extracted from the licorice root, increases retention of sodium and water. The ancient Greeks imported licorice as a medicinal herb, calling it "Scythian root." It has been used since the third century BC to help dissipate coughs and sore throats. Today, licorice root is said to be beneficial as a treatment for hypoglycemia, bronchitis, colitis, diverticulosis, gastritis, stress, colds, nausea and inflammation. It is also known as an aide to adrenal gland function, and as a remedy for hormonal disturbances in women. Pregnant women and people with cholestatic liver disorders, liver cirrhosis, hypertonia, hypokalemia, and severe kidney insufficiency should avoid the use of licorice root.


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