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All Possibilities within Life Force 

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The center of the medicine wheel is the Void, also known as the "Black Hole of Creation."  Here all things take on substance within spirit, as the chaotic energy of the Void carries within itself all possibilities. In the first breath of creation, all forms of all things within the Everything were birthed from the maelstrom of our cosmic Black Hole. The Void holds the transformer-catalyst energy that causes life and movement in all of the directions on every medicine wheel.

Black Hole

The creative force of the Void is Chuluaquai Life Force Energy, Chi, or ki, otherwise known as our sexual catalyst energy. We access this energy through intimacy, open heart-to-heart communication and balanced sexuality and orgasticness, which in turn expands our minds, fuels our imaginations, and heals and strengthens our bodies.

The self-expression of the Center is Beauty and Wisdom.  Here we may connect with the Beauty of our true essence and the Wisdom of the All-Knowing that each human being carries within the core of self.

It is in the Center that we celebrate our inner grandmother and grandfather.  They reside together in total beauty, balance and harmony with open heart-to-heart communication.   It is through these benevolent  elders that we connect with the Wisdom of The All.  

Everything comes together in the Center.  Metis Rainbow Humans recognize that we are all one people, regardless of race, color of skin, cultural differences, or religious beliefs.  Here we share our truth with one another freely, creating the synergy that results in the Human Race being greater than the sum of its parts.   We now have the ability to bring into our lives the five "Huaquas" that allow us to become completely balanced humans:  health, happiness, humor, hope and harmony.

Sources of information:

Lightningbolt by Hyemeyohsts Storm
Song of the Deer
by Thunder Strikes and Jan Orsi





Daystar, illumine my being!

I swirl your sovereign flush

Through core of sacred self,

Flowing, rippling, swelling

On timeless currents of the Void.

I call you to me, Ra, on wings of Hermes,

Affording compassion as cradle for your spark,

Cast your serpent seed

In receptive orbs of rapturous delight

Which spiral full circle,

Exalted by your flame.

Designs of enlightenment quicken my womb.

I Am Mother of Manna

Nurturing hopes and inspirations

Of every today.

Lynette Hopkins


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Copyright 2004: Lynette Hopkins