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The Earth
Stability of Body

The West is the place of the Earth and the physical body

Ehahmah (Earth) brings all things to birthing.

The element of earth teaches us how to stabilize our bodies and strengthen them as containers and guardians of the
 human soul.

When it is time for death and change, the soul ascends and the body returns to the Earth to be recycled and resculpted as a container for 
new life forms.

"Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect."
Chief Seattle

The human body, like the Earth, is a holder and transformer of energy.  It must take in and discharge energy efficiently in order to maintain its  physical stability and good health.  Eating natural foods, supplementing as necessary with appropriate vitamins, minerals and healing herbs, feeds and nurtures the body.  Regular exercise  strengthens the body and keeps it physically active.  The twelve meridians within the body keep energy flowing through all the organs to keep them alive and well.  When the chakras are open and spinning properly, the aura shines with the brilliant rainbow colors of vibrant health, enabling the body to feel energized and awake, as does the individual human soul and spirit inhabiting that body.  

When the body is out of balance and malfunctioning, it is in pain and it is necessary to heal it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In addition to contacting a medical doctor, such alternative healing methods as acupuncture and acupressure, chakra balancing, reflexology, chiropractic work, color and sound healing, hypnotherapy, muscle and tissue massage, appropriate herbs, etc. may be effective in helping to reverse the dysfunction.  However, it is essential to remember that the sacred focus and intent of the individual to bring the body back into balance and harmony with natural, cosmic, universal and magickal law is the most important piece of the healing process.

The minerals, as Holders of Energy, reside in the West. They provide the substance of the earth and the body by receiving, holding and transforming the powerful light rays of the Sun. It is thus through the mineral kingdom that new life is birthed into the physical realm.

The self-expression of the West is Intuition and Introspection. Through aligning ourselves with the powers of the west and honoring them, we may develop the ability to go deep within ourselves and access our intuition through bodily knowing.

Theodore Chasseriau

In the West we celebrate our inner nagual adult.

For a man, this is his inner woman; for a woman, her inner man.

Jean August Dominique

Our inner nagual warrior experiences bodily knowing, seeing what needs to be seen and doing what needs to be done to keep us balanced and alive in the physical realm.

It is in the West that we experience the Daydream, which is our "material, physical, tonal, three-dimensional world in the Now." Here we peruse our reality needs and desires as well as our abundance and prosperity in the physical dimension. If our daydream is in the dark, we become a victim and abandon ourselves, so we are at the effect of tyrants and other authority figures. When our daydream is in the light, we are fully present in the here and now, taking responsibility for our lives and decisions, and remaining at cause.

Sources of information: Lightningbolt by Hyemeyohsts Storm
Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes and Jan Orsi



Haloed with integrity,

Cradles lucid life:

Marvelous mantras of light

Gyrate in helical strands.

Body form of Self,

Matrix of internal flame

Mirrors primal point:

Prismatic, pulsating lyre

Tones luminous fugues of Source.

Lynette Hopkins

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