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The East is the place of Fire and the Sun. Cheemah brings the Life Source to all living things. The element of fire kindles expansion and determination of the human spirit, igniting actualization of our path to enlightenment. Fire also symbolizes the spark of Grandfather Sun, the conceptive energy of our Solar System that seeds all life forms.  It is therefore in the East that we connect with the spark of our spirit, where we can see all things clearly and express our infinite creativity.

Humans, as Determiners of Energy, reside in the East. The fire of spirit within the human being seeks to grow and learn. The balanced human determines with spirit and is in dominion of everything, aspiring to preserve and protect all life on Grandmother Earth.

The self-expression of the East is Illumination and Enlightenment.
In the East we celebrate our nagual Spirit Child. For a man, this is his little girl; for a woman, her little boy. Our spirit child within knows no boundaries and is free to imagine and create limitless worlds of awareness, beauty, joy and love. Our little Aleph (so called in the Tarot) takes chances, explores unknown territories, and is even prepared to jump into the abyss with complete abandonment and trust in the ecstatic desire to find illumination wherever it may be.

The dark mirror of the East, Fantasy and Illusion, occurs when we perceive distorted pieces of our vision and misconstrue them to be the whole truth and reality. We then create for ourselves a life that is built on false reflections of self, life and others. The light mirror expands our reality, allowing us to utilize each moment of our lives as an opportunity to learn, grow and enrich ourselves as sacred, spiritual human beings.

Sources of information:

Lightningbolt by Hyemeyohsts Storm
Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes and Jan Orsi



Emerging as a radiant spark of passion,

Rising with awareness of "I Am,"

Eternal flame of spirit finds expression

Enriching life through self-enlightenment.

Dormant seed of unity lay hidden

Until the tone was sounded for "We Are!"

Feathered Wing Serpent Now is bidden:

Fashion flight paths to integrity.

Lynette Hopkins




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