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The North is the place of the Air and Winds and the mind. Wehomah is the breath of all living things. Air may be still, a gentle breeze, a whirlwind or a giant hurricane. Whatever its form, it provides a means of cleansing the environment of pollution and allows the pollens and seeds of the plants to circulate. 

It is in the North that we connect with our mind, which gives us the ability to utilize memory and logic to see and comprehend all aspects of a subject, 360 degrees around its circle. Mind, the seat of our consciousness, is housed in and facilitated by the brain, much as the soul is housed in and facilitated by the body.  The element of air/wind teaches us how to keep our minds active with clarity and flexibility. Dormant minds collapse into tunnel vision, judgment and prejudice.  It is only when we know and understand the entire picture of the situations and relationships in our life that we may make intelligent and informed decisions about how we will respond to them.

The self-expression of the North is Logic and Wisdom. Logic may be defined as valid reasoning. Wisdom is insight and understanding of what is true and right. Logic and wisdom together enable us to determine the meaning and purpose of our lives, as well as to clarify and validate our philosophies and belief systems.

Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull

The animals, as Receivers of Energy, reside in the North. Animals receive energy in order to adapt themselves naturally to their environment efficiently and synergistically.  The animal world teaches us how to receive energy in order that we may create balance and harmony in our lives and accept ourselves, individually and collectively, for who we truly are.

Through North energies, our tonal adult self leads us in creating physical and financial stability in our life. In the dark, we fail to meet these responsibilities and end up relying on others to take care of us, and/or use our technological skills in such a way that we deplete our environment and our lives rather than enrich and empower them. In the light, we work successfully in our various occupations, maintaining our homes, communities, nations and our world in balance and harmony with ecological and natural laws.  We may then meet and fulfill the many other responsibilities that enable us, as the determiners of energy on Grandmother Earth, to consciously create health, hope, happiness, humor and harmony for all humanity. 
Sources of information: Lightningbolt by Hyemeyohsts Storm
Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes and Jan Orsi



Brilliant One

Arise and own your power.

Expressing on the winds of life

Inhale your noble station.

You are amalgam of all that was

And all that is destined to be.

Chant the mystic hymns of ageless wisdom

In resonant tones of Truth.

Ancient one

Cherish and grasp your fortune.

Your finely tempered sword

Severs all boundaries and dis-ease.

Whirl the blade through timeless memory

And hearken to its hum.

Lynette Hopkins

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