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The South is the place of the Waters and the emotions.  Morealah brings the Blood of Life to all living things. The element of water teaches us to allow our emotions to adapt in balance and harmony to the currents of life. Water flows gently in a quiet stream, rages in a downhill cascade of wild water, majestically forms deep, placid lakes in open valleys, or may be dammed up by constricting ice or canyon walls - but always conforming to the requirements of the environment and prepared for change at a moment's notice.

The plants, as Givers of Energy, reside in the South. They give to us beauty, food and oxygen. We could not survive without them. Plants teach us to give with our emotions. 

The self-expression of the South is Trust and Innocence. Trust is the absolute knowing that we share an interconnection and interdependence with all that is. Innocence is being just who and what we are naturally, in our own beauty and resilience.

In the South we celebrate our personal tonal child.  For a man, this is his little boy; for a woman, her little girl. Our child is always with us, inspiring emotional responses to events in our life. 

Through South energies, our child leads us in creating our mythologies and stories of our life experience: our comedies, tragedies, poignant dramas, deceptions, etc. Our mythologies can be either light or dark. If they are dark, our needy, wounded abandoned child leads the way. If they are light, we are in our power and beauty, in balance and harmony with our Trust and Innocence, Grandmother Earth, and all of nature. Personal mythologies help us answer the question, "Who am I?"

Sources of Information:
Lightningbolt by Hyemeyohsts Storm
Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes and Jan Orsi

The following poem is dedicated to my South child, who entered this world in trust and innocence and continues to inspire my emotional responses to life. 


As a tiny child I entered form

In Trust and Innocence,

Wonderment enshrined in every breath.

I held awareness of purpose and peace

Ecstatic with promise of Life

Receiving and giving through infinite Love.

I embrace you, Little Grandmother, 

Honoring your hopes,

Playfulness and poise,

Gentle laughter and delight.

As you share your truth and trust

I pledge my protection and heart.

Lynette Hopkins


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